'Enjoy it, it is meant to be fun!'

Adam Brook

Jockey Agent

Jockey agent to Christian Howarth, Dougie Costello, Ray Dawson, Jo Gordon, Joey Haynes and Louis Steward; Adam Brook was the latest member of the racing community to be interviewed by Gold and Green Writer Molly Raby.

Working as an agent, in any sector, requires a special type of person. Someone who can take
active charge and get the best for their clients, as well as being personable and humble. This
is exactly why this week's interviewee, Adam Brook, is so successful in his field, all boxes
have been ticked and having a true passion for the sport doesn’t hurt either. As a jockey’s
agent, Adam deals with everything from following declarations, getting jockey’s riding the
right horses, staying in constant contact with trainers and truly, so much more. He describes
his journey to this career, the frustrations that come with it and what it is that truly motivates

As with most people in the horseracing industry, Adam has always been involved in the
sport. Whether it was working in stables, on the course or even riding the beautiful creatures
himself, he has been horse-mad since day one. This sport has taken Adam all over the world,
starting off in Australia for one year, after his friend asked him if he would be his agent. It
was then that Adam caught the ‘buzz for it’ and has never looked back, ‘I took to it like a
duck to water. I was in the middle of all the action, speaking to jockeys and trainers and I
really enjoyed it!’

Looking at the sport as an outsider, it may seem like an impenetrable industry, full of
established family businesses and high-end branding, but Adam stated that, like with
anything, if you want it enough, there are accessible routes to success. For example, ‘There
are racing schools to go to if you don’t know anything about racing which can get you
qualifications for jobs within the industry. There are also a few yards that open their doors to
the public twice a year to raise money for charity... proving that there is always a way to get

The world of horseracing is extremely fast-paced and anything can be changed or adapted at
the drop of a hat. For Adam, this can materialise in a multitude of things, as agents are
spinning many different plates on a day-to-day basis and it isn’t uncommon for things to get
mixed up or fall through. This, understandably, can cause frustrations but as Adam states, ‘I
am always looking to improve and increase the potential for the clients and so, I am always
learning.’ Despite this positive mindset, he is only human and of course, sometimes problems
can become grating. The most frustrating issue Adam has found throughout the years is
‘when we choose the wrong horse to ride and the horse we could’ve ridden wins.’

Despite these small frustrations, it is clear that Adam lives and breathes horseracing and is
thriving in his field. Even when we love the work we do, it can sometimes be hard to stay
motivated, but for Adam, his motivation stems not from himself but from the people he
works with. ‘People rely on me. They have families to feed and bills to pay and they have put
their trust in me to represent them. If I’ve had a bad day, I know that I'm just that much closer to a good day or week. I just have to keep my game up, knowing that I may not have done
anything wrong, that is just the way it is sometimes.’

When you love the work you do, you can forget to take a step back and disconnect yourself
from the job. With this in mind, it is no surprise to hear that Adam rarely gets days off,
however he has recently moved to the Lake District, so a walk on the fells is always a
welcome distraction from work. Even on his infrequent days off, Adam can be found joining
the masses and watching a race or even getting back on the saddle himself. So, even when
he’s away from work, he doesn’t go that far.

Following suit, as with all my interviews, I asked Adam what one piece of advice he would
give to someone wanting to get into racehorse ownership, and these were his words of
wisdom: ‘Definitely go slowly. Join a good racing syndicate (like Gold and Green), which is
responsibly priced and allows you to experience this sport form people who have great
knowledge. And, enjoy it, it’s meant to be fun!’

If you would like to learn more about Adam or get in touch with him, all of his links are
listed below.

Instagram: Brooksportsmanagement
Twitter: Brooksportagent

Website: www.brooksportsmanagement.com

About the author - Molly Raby

Molly Raby is a member of The Gold and Green writing team and recently graduated from Salford university. I have always had a passion for writing and that was furthered during my time at university as I studied English Language and Creative Writing. I have always been interested in journalism as a career and wrote a few pieces for the university newspaper which allowed me to find my voice.

I have been actively looking for journalistic writing opportunities, so once I came across Green and Gold Crowd Racing and realised they were in need of a journalistic content writer, I knew I couldn’t let this chance pass me by. I am extremely excited to begin working here and representing those within this amazing community to the best of my ability.

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